Clauses for Service Agreement

A service agreement is between people or businesses where one agrees to provide a specified service to others.

The clauses included in a service agreement are; service details, payment and compensation details, penalties, confidentiality, non- solicitation, non-competition, and owner of materials.

Service details

Within this contract, it should provide information about the services and the duration of the job.

Payment and compensation details

Must include information such as payment plans and resources such as gas and travel expenses.


The agreement must state if there is a fee for late payments.


Unable to share personal information unless the person agrees with you if necessary.

Non- solicitation

An agreement that the service provider is unable to recruit their employees away from the customer or business.

Non- competition

The service provider is prohibited from working with a competitor or competing against the customer.

Ownership of Material

If the service provider produces products, you might see that works are the customer's property or if the service is ownership rights.

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